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    VIRTUAL3dGun is an Infantry Tactical Simulator used for training and instruction of dismounted soldier squads. It works under any first person simulator.

    VIRTUAL3dGun has initiated the update of the Infantry Tactical Simulator S.E.V.I., which provides first-person simulation tools with a high degree of immersion and realism to complement real training with training in virtual environments.



    VIRTUAL3dGun participates in the Minerva 2015 exercise in the NCO Academy of the Spanish Army.

    Minerva 2015 AGBS
    Video highlights of the Minerva 2015 exercise of the AGBS in which participates VIRTUAL3dGun by PirineusTV channel.

    Latest videos VIRTUAL3dGun channel

    Successful presentation of the VIRTUAL3dGun Infantry Tactical Simulator in Homsec 2015.

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    Email: contact.info@virtual3dgun.com