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  • NCOs Spanish Army test the Virtual3dGun
    Infantry Tactical Simulator in the Minerva 2015 exercise


    The activity conducted by Virtual3dGun between June 30 and July 3 in the Minerva 2015 exercise, into the classroom dedicated to the exhibition of future use materials, was based on recreating a pair of Virtual3dGun Infantry Tactical Simulator stations together with the VBS3 software (Virtual Battle Space), with a series of practices and missions realized by staff of the different patrols composed of Sergeants Students of the Spanish Army, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the simulator as a new platform for teaching and training, and with the visit of different authorities of Training and Doctrine Command(MADOC) and National Training Center in San Gregorio Zaragoza(CENAD).

    Video highlights of the Minerva 2015 exercise of the AGBS in which participates VIRTUAL3dGun. Source: PirineusTV Channel.

    The Minerva 2015 exercise was organized and directed by the NCO Academy of the Spanish Army(A.G.B.S) located in Talarn (Lleida - Spain), and has involved the 547 Sergeants Students of XL Promotion from different academies with collaboration with other units and centers, and has been designed as the stage of completion of training of future Sergeants of the Spanish Army with the aim of achieving the pooling of the knowledge gained in the different training centers before exercising such command in future units.

    These simulators caused great interest among the participants and comments were very positives by the future Sergeants, who spoke about the capabilities that the system add to the tactical trainer simulator (VBS2) already deployed in some army units, because it is very different the practice sitting in front of a screen that a fully immersive training.

    Furthermore, these students reflected the advantages of our system because allow each soldier to move independently in the virtual world without the physical restrictions over other training simulators based on shoot against a display screen.

    Based on the most comments made by those who tested it, Virtual3dGun complements and enhances the possibilities offered by current simulation software as VBS3, and together, they offer a cost-effective simulator for training, with a high degree of immersion, rapidly deployable and portable.

    Virtual3dGun want to congratulate the management of the exercise by the A.G.B.S training directors, and thanks you for inviting us to participate, as well as the treatment received by all base personnel during the course of the exercise.


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