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  • What VIRTUAL3dGun is?

    It is an Infantry Tactical Simulator designed for training and instruction of infantry soldiers and developed entirely in Spain.

    Virtual3dGun is composed of the following devices:

    1. Assault Rifle Replica, designed to aim instead of the mouse, and control the entire system, using it as the keyboard and joystick.

    2. Virtual Reality Googles, replacing the monitor.

    3. Headset with surround sound and microphone in the helmet.

    4. Backpack, It can receive video and audio, in addition to sending the signal of sensors to the computer without any cables, allowing total freedom of movement.

    5. Motion capture sensors integrated for head and postures as bending over, lying down or leaning.

    Training and combat simulation room:

    Why VIRTUAL3dGun?

    The simulator aims to complement the real training in:

    As a virtual training platform the system provide:


    Tel: (+34) 677 96 38 68 / 657 80 57 15

    Email: contact.info@virtual3dgun.com